Teaching Philosophy

Curriculum Vitae
David Michael Lovelace
2363 N 65th St.
Wauwatosa, WI 53213

2003 B.S. University of Wyoming (Geology);
2003 B.S. University of Wyoming (Zoology)
2003 B.S. University of Wyoming (Biology)
2010 M.S. University of Wyoming (Geology); emphasis in biogeochemistry
Ph.D. (ABD) University of Wisconsin-Madison (Geology); minor: embryology


  • Jennings, D.S., Lovelace, D.M., and Driese, S.G., 2011, Micromorphology and Geochemistry of
    Upper Jurassic-Lower Cretaceous Wetland Paleosols and Associated Lacustrine Deposits from the Morrison Formation, North Central Wyoming, USA, Sedimentary Geology; v. 238, p. 23-47. 10.1016/j.sedgeo.2011.03.005
  • Lovelace, David M., 2010, A Bulldog of Your Owen: The Philosophies Behind the Huxley–Owen Debate, Evolution:Education and Outreach, vol. 3 pp. 291-292
  • Lovelace, David M., Hartman, Scott A., and Wahl, William R., 2007, Morphology of a specimen of Supersaurus (Dinosauria, Sauropoda) from the Morrison Formation of Wyoming, and a re-evaluation of diplodocid phylogeny. Arquivos do Museu Nacional, Rio de Janeiro, v.65, n.4, p.527-544
  • Lovelace, David, 2006, An Upper Jurassic Morrison Formation fire-induced debris flow: taphonomy and paleoenvironment of a sauropod dinosaur (Sauropoda, Supersaurus vivianae) locality in east-central Wyoming: in Paleontology and Geology of the Upper Jurassic Morrison Formation, Foster, J.R., and Lucas, S.G., eds., New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science Bulletin 36, p.47-56
  • Wegweiser, Marilyn D., Hartman, Scott A., and Lovelace, David M., 2006, Duckbill dinosaur chin skin scales: ups, downs and arounds of surficial morphology of Upper Cretaceous Lance Formation dinosaur skin. in Late Cretaceous vertebrates from the Western Interior, Lucas, S. G., and Sullivan, R. M., eds., New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science Bulletin 35, p. 119-125
  • Eggleston Carrick M., Khare, Nidhi, and Lovelace, David M., 2006,Cytochrome c interaction with hematite (alpha-Fe2O3) surfaces, Journal of Electron Spectroscopy and Related Phenomena, v. 150 p. 220–227
  • Khare, Nidhi, Lovelace, David M., Eggleston, Carrick M., Swenson, Michael, and Magnuson, Timothy S., 2006, Redox-l inked conformation change and electron transfer between monoheme c-type cytochromes and oxides. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, v. 70, p.4332–4342
  • Khare, Nidhi, Eggleston Carrick M., Lovelace, David M., and Boese, Steven W., 2006, Structural and redox properties of mitochondrial cytochrome c co-sorbed with phosphate on hematite (a-Fe2O3) surfaces. Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, v. 303, p. 404–414
  • Khare, Nidhi, Eggleston, Carrick M., and Lovelace, David M., 2005, Sorption and direct electrochemistry
    of mitochondrial cytocrhome c on hematite surfaces, Clays and Clay minerals, v. 53

Academic Positions:
2010 Instructor, Madison Area Technical College (Physical Geography and Climate)
2008 Adjunct Faculty, Central Wyoming College (Historical Geology)
2007 Adjunct Faculty, Central Wyoming College (Physical Geology)

Teaching (TA) Experience
University of Wisconsin-Madison
2009-2011 (Geoscience 107: Life of the Past; 3 semesters)
2008-2009 (Zoology 430: Comparative anatomy of the vertebrates; 1 semester)
University of Wyoming,
2004-2005, (Foundation of Geology I; 2 semesters)
2003-2004, (Discovering Science; 3 semesters)
2002, Geology 1100 (Physical Geology; 2 semesters)
Casper College
1999-2001, Geol 1100 (Physical Geology; 5 semesters)
Wyoming Audubon Society,
2000-(summer) Geology Instructor; Wyoming Audubon Summer Camp in the Rockies

Awards and Grants
2011 Stanley A. Tyler Award for Excellence in Teaching, UW-Madison
2010 GSA Graduate Student Research Grant (Triassic Chugwater Group; paleosols)
2009 AAPG Research Grant (Triassic Chugwater Group)
2004 Top Field Geologist Award (University of Wyoming Dept. of Geoscience)
2004 Jurassic Foundation Grant (CT scan of a Jurassic troodontid dinosaur)
2000 WGA Student Support Grant (taphonomy of Jurassic dinosaur quarry)
1998 Epscor (NSF) Undergraduate Research (Orellan biostratigraphy)




Selected Presentations

Lovelace, D.M., and Lovelace, S.D., 2009, Vertebrate tracks of the Early Triassic Red Peak Formation, central Wyoming, USA, Geological Society of America Abstracts with Programs, v. 41, no. 4, p. 70
Lovelace, David M., 2009, Somatic resegmentation error: a congenital physical anomaly in a specimen of Apatosaurus, Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology, Vol. 29, Suppliment to No. 3, p. 137A
Lovelace, David M., 2007, Trampled by turtles: turtle tracks from the Red Peak Formation (Southern Big Horn Basin, Wyoming). Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology, Vol. 27, Supplement to No. 3, p. 107A
Lovelace, David, 2006, An articulated partial postcranial skeleton of a small ornithopod (C.F. Othnielia)
Dinosaur (Morrison Formation; Alcova, Wyoming), Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology, Vol 26, Supliment No. 3, pp 91A
Lovelace, David, Hartman, Scott, and Wahl, William Jr., 2005, Revised osteology of Supersaurus
vivianae, Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology, Vol. 25, Supplement to No. 3, pp 84A-85A
Hartman, Scott, Lovelace, David, and Wahl, William Jr., 2005, Phylogenetic assesment of a maniraptoran from the Morrison Formation, Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology, Vol. 25, Supplement to No. 3, pp 67A-68A
Lovelace, David, 2005; Supersaurus vivianae: history, morphology, and phylogeny, Boletim de
Resumos - II Congresso Latino-Americano de Paleontologia de Vertebrados, Kellner, Henriques, and Rodrigues eds., Museu Nacional, Rio de Janeiro, 285p. (pg.158-159)
Lovelace, David M., Khare, Nidhi, Eggleston, Carrick, Spinler, Joshua, Jones, Justin, 2005, Cytochrome interaction with mineral oxides: a pathway for respiration by dissimilatory iron reducing bacteria, 2005 Molecular and cellular life sciences symposium, University of Wyoming, pg. 5-6
Lovelace, David, 2004; Taphonomy and paleoenvironment of a Late Jurassic dinosaur locality in the
Morrison Formaiton of East-Central Wyoming, Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology, Vol. 24, Supplement to No. 3, pp 85A
Lovelace, David, Wahl, William Jr., and Hartman, Scott, 2003; Evidence for costal pneumaticity in a
Diplodocid dinosaur (Supersaurus vivianae), Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology, Vol. 23, Supplement to No. 3, pp 73A
Lovelace, David M., 2000; A new Method for a Self-Skinning Polyurethane Resin, Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology, Vol. 17, Supplement to No. 3, pp. 54A

Geology Related Work Experience
2006-2008 Big Horn Basin Foundation
Director: responsible for overseeing the operation of the educational foundation, duties included: presentations, accounting, creation and implementation of educational programs at all levels, professional publication, and interaction with supporting agencies such as the City of Thermopolis, and Wyoming Math and Science Teachers Association.
1994-1999 Baker Atlas Wireline Division, Baker Hughes Int.
1999-2000, Wireline Operator; Duties: Maintaining equipment, assembling electronic tools, and wireline operation and data acquisition.
1994-1996, 1998-1999 (Western Geophysical); Geophysical Trainee, Survey, Line Master, Troubleshooter, Junior Observer, Clerk, Cable Repair, Vibe Operator/mechanic Duties: All jobs associated with a seismic crew, from Permit Agent, to Clerk, mechanic, and Crew Chief, to Surveyor, and troubleshooting equipment/repair; also responsible for financial record keeping, crew expenditures, and incomes.

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