Try to learn something about everything and everything about something.

      Thomas H. Huxley


Dad (field-hand extraordinaire) and I in the Red Wall area looking for tracks.

Winter is the best time for field work in the Southern Big Horn Basin!



My philosophy:
       I recently ran across the statement above and had to laugh to myself. I have never run across a sentence that so perfectly sums up the ideals behind my drive and my passion for science. I do realize the futility of the statement but its still fun to try!
       I certainly have not traveled a straight path getting to my current position (a geology grad student at UW-Madison). But at each step along the way that sentence could be applied; whether it was search and rescue in El Paso County, diesel repairs in La Barge, cabinetry in Thermopolis, or my venture into science as a whole.



What I do:
       Context. There is no simple way of saying what I do, other than to say I am a vertebrate paleontologist whose focus is not necessarily the remains of fossil vertebrates, but rather the environmental context in which they lived and died, and the processes that led to their burial and eventual fossilization. (currently I am describing a developmental error in an apatosaur caudal, and a new specimen of Othneilosaurus).
      This fall (08) i started my doctoral program, my thesis will focus on the poorly known depositional environments of the Triassic Chugwater Group of central Wyoming.





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