Welcome to my website. I like my website. Its brown. Like dirt. I work in dirt. I know my site is little now, but someday with enough sun, water, and attempts at procrastinating (only on Thursdays mind you) from important things like… oh… I don’t know… but I’m sure they’re important… it will get bigger. Maybe.

     On this site you’ll find all sorts of fun and creative topics like… string. String is fun. Or maybe you’ll find links to my research, a silly introduction, perhaps even a list of publications. Who knows these things? Thats the joy of the internet, bringer of all things good and true. If you are still reading this you are either very patient, or its Thursday for you too. Enjoy!

   Wyomingpaleo's new blog, Sedline News: covers a weekly topic that relates to sedimentolgy in some manner; ichnology, sed structure, vert paleo, or paper reviews. Feel free to join in the discussion!

   The Jimbo Story: or a 'Tail' of two cities... it was the best of caudals, it was the worst of caudals... This is the tale of the Wyoming specimen of Supersaurus vivianae from excavation to publication, and the science behind the construction of the mount.

   Cabinetry I built for the Thermopolis Specimen of Archaeopteryx at the Wyoming Dinosaur Center.

   In addition to describing Jimbo, I also built the display cabinets and base for the specimen. I am proud of the base, but its not what impresses people. I think it has something to do the 106 foot long, 40 ton dinosaur that stands on it! Check it out!


   UW-24823 - aka Sniffles - is the largest specimen of Othneilosaurus and is three-dimensionally preserved. It exhibits a well articulated ribcage with uncinate-like structures and an articulated forearm and hand..

   The Redwall Track sites are providing evidence for a terrestrial setting, abundant vertebrate trackmakers, and a very different ecological picture for the Late Triassic Chugwater Group.
   LA-188 represents a rare occurance in the fossil record: an embryological error. This resegmentation error occured when this 14 ton individual weighed only a few grams.
   The Warm Springs Ranch PPS (purported poop site) quarry has features that, regardless of what they turn out to be are just plain unusual! The 2 m lenticular deposit is chock full of what appears to be little (6-10 cm) balls of dinosaur poop.
   I have been working in the Morrison Formation since 1997. I am finishing up work I started in the Souther Big Horn Basin, Wyoming. New projects are planned.
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